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Christmas at Day Care!

I had a lot of Christmas activities at day care and am glad to report I have pictures and video to show you all how much fun it was. We participated in functions two days in a row, and mommy and daddy were there for both.

First, our class had a Christmas party and gift exchange and all the parents were invited. I had fun eating my snacks, although I felt sorta bad for the parents because while all of us kids ate snacks from a very delicious meat tray, they were not offered a single morsel and had to stand in an awkward silence around us watching us eat our goodies. Mommy contemplated trying to sneak around and make herself a nice cracker, ham and cheese sandwich from my plate but, she figured someone would see her, so she refrained. She couldn't keep her stomach from grumbling, however.

See? My theory behind the teachers not offering the parents food is they were plotting to make them all suffer because of the thousands of poopy diapers they have changed of ours over the year. Honestly, I think they would have been better to hire a culinary chef who specializes in cooking on those hibachi grills while throwing around the cooking utensils, like at Benihana! That would have been the ultimate revenge for the parents, and we could have enjoyed some fresh fried rice!

Closeup of our yummy food.

I'm a big kid now!

After eating, we opened presents. We determined who to buy a gift for by a random drawing. I drew Noah and I got him a Mr. Potato Head and cute little stuffed froggy. In fact, I found it so cute that I just decided I wanted it back after he opened it.

But, it's really mine! My mommy bought it!

I opened my present from Aden, who was not there that day, so I could not thank him.

I sure did like that present, though!

Well, I liked it for a minute or so, anyway, but then I decided I'd rather lay in the floor for a moment.

After that, I stared at my handsome self in the mirror for a bit.

Aunt Brandee was there with my cousin and best bud Atticus. I'm trying to teach him how to stop sucking his thumb, and, in exchange, he's teaching me how to get more red lights on my daily behavior reports since I seem to be stuck in this green light only pattern. So far, I haven't been given a red light, but give me some time and I'm sure I'll get a great big one soon!

One of my classmates actually looked like a Christmas present!

The next day was my very first play! I had to go up on stage in front of at least a couple of hundred people and I did great! I was a reindeer and was supposed to shake and rattle my hips according to the words in this song that this strange man was singing, but didn't know when I was supposed to do what, so I just shook whatever I felt like shaking whenever I felt so inclined or simply shook nothing at all. But I clapped at the end because I know I did a wonderful job for sure!

Oh, by the way, here's proof I look like so many people in my family besides just my mom and dad.

Just to name a few, I look like: my daddy (duh), my Uncle Jim, Papa, Great Great Unk, Uncle Willie, Art, Tommy Webber, Larry Watson, Ed Herber, Leon Hagar, Charles Steinman...oh wait, several of those people aren't official family members, but they may as well be. I also look like some of my guardian angels too, like my Grandpa Don, my Great Grandpa Firpo and my Uncle Tom. Check back for the family recap soon.



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