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I had so much fun on Halloween and got SO much candy! Mommy took some great pictures of sissy and I, but she has to get them ready to post in my journal. She said something about them having severe "red eye" issues. Hopefully, she will have time to correct this problem and post them soon. I think you all will enjoy seeing how much fun we had!

Keep checking back for pictures!

My curly, fine hair.

Mommy and Daddy have been whispering to each other about how they think it it's time for my first haircut. This is because my hair is really curly and the length is making it quite unmanageable. They don't realize I can hear them, so, to makes their lives easier, is there anyone out there that cuts hair? I am beginning to look like a mad scientist when I wake up in the mornings. Help someone! :D

Hint: Me me me me me me.

Would you like to give me my first haircut? I just need a widdle-bittie trim. Nothing drastic.

Video of Meeeee!

Here is proof that my parents ALWAYS feed me a healthy dinner before I go OUTSIDE!!!

Daddy wonders how I will be OU quarterback if I can't throw the ball.

Sick Fambly!

My whole family got sick all the sudden! It started with me Sunday night when I had a very "awful" diaper. Shortly after, Daddy became sick to his stomach and had to go lay down. He had chills and ended up getting sick in all different directions all night long. When daddy went to lay down early Sunday night, mommy assumed he was just faking to get attention. She played along and brought him some medicine anyway. Then, around 3:00 a.m., mommy woke up with a belly ache. She too began getting sick in all different directions! Daddy tried to go to work but ended up coming back home and slept all day! Mommy wanted to stay home but had to work because she doesn't have any leave time. My day care sent me home because "I looked pail" and was not eating. Well, I WAS faking it because I had the BEST time with Grandma Cheryl all day yesterday! Then, to top that off, I got to spend the night with Mimi and Papa and get to go to school late today!

We though it might have been this meatloaf we ate Sunday night but that's not the case. My poor sissy was throwing up all day yesterday too. :(

My poor sick family.


Mommy, Daddy, Logan and I all went to the zoo yesterday! Mommy decided it would be the best time to go to the zoo because of the nice weather and she had this theory that everyone would be at the fair and the zoo would not be crowded.

On the way to the zoo, sissy and I took a nap in the car.

When we arrived at the zoo, Mommy realized her "theory" about the zoo not being crowded was WRONG. Daddy points out how wrong she was.

When we first arrived at the zoo, we had "lunch," or rather, nachos and pretzels. I didn't care for the pretzel but I liked the nachos. Very nutritious!

While waiting for lunch, I attempted to give these animals a ride somewhere but since none of them could make up their mind where they wanted to go, I became frustrated.

Here are a few of the animals I saw at the zoo!

I saw a giraffe!

He was a singing giraffe!

Logan looks so cute in her pictures.

Sissy, myself and a lion. Rawwwr!

This gorilla was deep in thought.

This is the lake at the zoo.

I'm not sure how to describe the following picture. Mommy said she was taking the picture "in the spirit of her father" (my late grandpa Don). Apparently, he would occasionally take pictures like this for some reason.

Maybe she was trying to show that this animal looked like a zebra on its bottom? I don't know for sure.

Moving right along! I got to ride my first carousel and Daddy filmed me and Sissy, who rode the ostrich behind me. Mommy didn't ride on an animal for some reason. Instead she held onto me the whole time. I guess she was scared she might fall or something.

The following video has nothing to do with the zoo visit. It is actually from the powwow I attended earlier this summer. As you will see, I liked dancing to the drumming!

Well, that's it for now! Love you all!

Oh yeah, hi! I'm still here!

Hi everyone! I wanted to take a moment to post an update on what I've been up to lately. It seems I went the entire month of August without making a single post and I sincerely apologize for that. Many of you probably visit my page hoping for an update only to see the same ol' entry that has been there for a month. It's ridiculous because I experience and learn so many neat things every day and it's a shame I'm not keeping my journal up-to-date.

That brings me to a big decision. Where on Earth do I begin????

I'm still not walking on my own BUT truly could if I could just become confident enough to let go of what I'm holding onto, whether it be a table or my mommy and daddy's pinky! I walk to the car when mommy picks me up at daycare, I walk in and out of restaurants when I go out to eat and I walk around the house hanging onto my Tonka truck Mimi got me and my lawn mower Grandma Cheryl got me. If someone is holding my hand, or rather, if I am holding someone's PINKY (for goodness sake!) and they make me let go, I stand still just fine until I realize I don't have a hold of something. Then I simply sit down. I guess it hasn't registered that I can walk on my own but I have taken several steps on my own though I freak out that no one's holding me and sit down immediately. Even my teachers at daycare have witnessed me take steps on my own when playing at recess, etc.

Let me tell you; I can out-crawl YOU any day! And I'm not talking about my army crawl either. I can REALLY crawl and I can crawl FAST. Catch me if you can! Mommy especially enjoys this when she has just removed my diaper, for some reason. She always seems to play along and chase me at those moments. So, I make it a point to try to crawl away during all diaper changing sessions and when I'm fresh out of the bath because mommy and daddy totally chase me around then. Fun!

I'm making up for my lack of walking by learning to talk! The most common words in my vocabulary as of late are:

- daddy
- logan
- bubble (because I can't get enough of watching someone blow bubbles)!
- Addy (short for Atticus, my cousin who is in my class at day care)
- Isaiah (who is also in my day care class, and I can say his name just as clearly as any grown-up)
- ball
- bite
- bitie
- bite-ee-ew (this is mommy's personal favorite and she can't for the life of her figure out what it means other than I want a bite of that)! Bite eee ew? What does this mean, people? It's extremely sweeeeeeeet.
- I love you
- Grandma Cheryl
- car
- truck
- school
- Mimi
- home
- outside
- rain
- drink
- tree
- Moo
- ostrich
- teacher
- and pretty much any word you ask me to say, IF I'm in the mood, that is.

You may notice "mommy" isn't on the list. I have said that way too many times already and am ready to move onto new words. OK, I say it sometimes but not all the time.
What else? I'm a very good boy at day care. Each day, the teachers grade our behavior by giving us a red light (you were BAD, i.e. hitting, talking back, fighting, biting), a yellow light (a few instances of red light behavior) and a green light (you did great all day!). I've never gotten anything except a green light! Mommy used to think the teachers gave every kid a green light and didn't think they really took that seriously. However, that is NOT the case. A couple of kids come to mind that don't get green lights; one gets a red light nearly EVERY DAY and the other yellow. So not only was my composure perfect from the day I was born, it continues to be!

There really is SO much more, but, I thought I'd leave you with family collage daddy did for me today. I think he did a wonderful job and it is so true!

Love you all and bye for now!

I wish I had a trampoline!

My cousin Emily can do a back handspring! She was just moved out of her regular gymnastics class into the advanced class! I'm so proud of her!

That's right, folks. Mommy bought me a small pool the weekend before last and I had so much fun swimming and splashing around. I pretty bummed that I couldn't swim last weekend but I have had, uh, stomach problems to put it mildly. Needlesstosay, this type of stomach ailment would make it inadvisable to swim.

Here are a few (dozen) pictures of me when I swam the first day mommy got the pool and daddy inflated it for me!

Look mommy! I'm swimming!

What should I do next?

Wow. I need to go on the Baby Craig diet like, YESTERDAY. I'm beginning to look like my daddy!

Come on mommy! Get in with me; the water feels great!

Fine! See if I care if you don't get in with me.

Splish splash, I also do this in the bath!
(and mommy, daddy and/or Logan get soaked!)

I like to eat crackers.

And this green ball ain't bad, either.

Something over there must have been VERY intriguing.

When I get well, mommy plans to film me swimming and post the video here on my journal. And, I'm super excited to see my big sis again for a whole week! She comes this Friday. Maybe she would like swimming with me! Logan is one of the only people that I enjoy hugging obsessively. Mommy gets so jealous because I usually don't hug her at all. But I do hit her sometimes!

Once again, I'm fortunate to have my mimi to watch me while I get well from my recent illness. I'm pretty excited that I get to miss yet another day of school tomorrow and spend the whole time with mimi. YAY!!!!

Up next: Pictures and/or videos of:
- Me swimming (with sissy, hopefully!)
- Me at my daddy's 20th high school reunion picnic
- Hopefully video of me walking
- And more!


Well! I officially have nicknamed my mommy “slacker.” This is because she has neglected my journal and has probably lost many readers as a result. I bet many have come to my journal hoping to see several new entries to read only to find the same entry that has been there since Christmas. OK, I’m exaggerating a LITTLE bit there, but, I’m making a point.

I have to tell you about my orphan shorts! Mommy picked me up from daycare one evening to take me out to eat with Grandma Cheryl and one of her friends, Jackie. I had never met Jackie before, so, I wanted to look nice. Well, earlier that day at school, I spilled my sippy cup all over my nice shorts and had no change of clothes. My teachers found me some replacement shorts, but they didn’t exactly match my shirt. The shorts were at one time blue and white checkered pants but someone cut them into shorts and didn’t do a great job. That person also wrote “TODDS 1” on the back of them in permanent black marker. So, this is how I looked when my dear mommy took me into public for dinner and to meet Jackie! Mommy joked and said that since gasoline was so high, she couldn’t afford to buy me clothes and instead started sewing clothes for me. She told Jackie she was still learning how to sew but felt she did a great job on my “TODDS 1” shorts!

I’m pretty sure my daycare needs to send out a memo requesting clothing donations!

Here is a picture of me getting a big bear hug from my Uncle Jim when he was here for a short visit recently. He likes to hold me and is so gentle with me when he picks me up. I wish I could have seen my cousins Emily and Luke too; I miss them!

For the 4th of July, Daddy, Mommy, Sister and I went to Mimi and Papa’s and I got to swim again! Uncle Willie, Aunt Andi, and cousins Reagan and Riley were there too. That night, I got to watch fireworks. I was pretty tired by then and probably wouldn’t have been too upset missing that, but I watched anyway.

OH! I almost forgot to tell you that I was student of the month in June! All month long, this picture hung on the wall just outside my classroom for all to see! I guess my teachers really like me as well as my super-cute sunglasses picture!

I have been painting, coloring with crayons, making designs with stickers and other crafts at school. Mommy has a stack of my artwork about 6” thick and she needs to figure out what to do with them all. I’m not even 1 ½ and I have a zillion paintings already! Mommy says mine are the best in the class and that she’s not just saying that because she’s my mommy. 

I’m getting much stronger on my feet and will likely be walking soon. Please send your condolences to my Mommy and Daddy who will no doubt be busy keeping up with me. Mommy would like to catch my walking on video but I don't cooperate. It's too fun, really.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Check back for more videos and pictures.