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Transition to the two's!

Mommy and daddy met with my teachers today to discuss the transition from my current class to the two-year old room. I'm really going to miss my toddler class teachers, and thankfully I won't be in the two-year old class for good until the first week of June. I start the transition during the first week in April. I'll have new teachers in June but happily, most of my friends will be moving up with me. I'm super excited that I'll finally be reunited with Atticus, my cousin who is already in the two's room!

Other talking points during this meeting included the many milestones I have met since the last parent-teacher conference. I came in as the only "toddler" that couldn't walk and am leaving the class running and almost jumping. In addition, my teachers commented several times about how smart I am. I can sing songs with them from start to finish, word-for-word, unless they crack up laughing at me in amazement during the song. I guess that sorta throws me off. My teachers also said that I can't get enough of listening to stories and reading books. They said I get really mad once they run out of books to read to me, and that if they could, I would let them read to me all day long.

Apparently, I made a really good friend in my class, and we always had these inside jokes going no matter how far apart we were in our classroom. If I started giggling then he would giggle. We would not eat our lunch if we could see eachother because we were too caught up in giggling and acting out. We also caused a bunch of commotion during nap time with these loud, obnoxious, fake-sounding laughs, so we got seperated. Mommy and daddy don't even know who this friend is because the teachers can't tell due to certain rules they must adhere to. To mommy and daddy, my best bud is forever named "another child" until I can tell them myself.

Now, for the bad part, which, considering I was seperated from "another child" that I really clicked with and the fact that I couldn't go to the two's when Attie did, I think it is understandable. I have screamed a lot, bit a child out of curiousity, and I sometimes tell my teachers NO. I also sit in time out more than ever, but that's it! The rest of the time, I'm singing and reading and being a smart little Joshie! :)


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Mar. 10th, 2009 01:53 pm (UTC)
Hey Josh .... You really are a smart guy; and I love that laugh you enjoy with your anonymous friend. Didn't you start that with Mommy? Hope you enjoy your 2 year old class and glad you will be back with Attie. Maybe ole 'anonymous' will be in that class too. What fun! Love you
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