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Family Christmas!

In addition to my school Christmas events, I attended three family gift-exchange gatherings!

I'll begin by displaying not only my LONG hair that Mimi cut on Dec. 20th but also the awesome present Aunt Lynda sent me! It's a step stool that I love using when I brush my teeth, and it's also a puzzle containing all the letters of my name.

I show my temper when I can't get the pieces to fit right immediately. You better cover your head lest you get hit by a flying letter of my name!

My first family Christmas gathering was at Mimi and Papa's. I was able to see all my cousins Reagan, Riley and Harper and Logan was there too! We had such a wonderful time playing together and eating sandwiches and snacks Mimi prepared for us.

All of my cousins and my sissy!

We also loved opening gifts! Mimi and Papa got me a horsey! I love to ride it and hear it trot and sing, but daddy always is turning the sound off, for some reason.


Me trying to convince Harper that the "Y" block tastes better than the others. Reagan awaits her reaction.

Next, we celebrated Christmas at Grandma Cheryl's. Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures because we didn't get to spend as much time there as we anticipated. Mommy ended up getting very sick right in the middle of the Benton family visit! However, I did get the following picture of cousin Luke, Phoebe Dog and I.

Luke asks: Uh, Joshua? That bed belongs to the dog, young Padawan. Are you aware that Phoebe rolls around in dirt and on other, very gross items in the backyard before laying there?

The following pictures are from the final family gift exchange at Aunt Brandee and Uncle Brett's. I had a BLAST there as you can see!

My cousin Kylie giving me a big hug!

Opening presents! I got a really cool train!

I mean, I got a really cool train!

My always beautiful cousin, Layla.

While I enjoyed Attie's motorized, four wheeler, I was truly captivated by and preferred playing with Laylas pink baby stroller. Daddy would not allow photographic evidence of this, but for the record, I was spotted pushing it around the house around ten times.

Atticus is my cousin and my best pal, too! We were both watching the Noggin channel, quite intently I might add, as this picture was taken.

By this time I had decided to definitely lay off the egg nog. We soon went home and I'm pretty sure I passed out.

I had a great Christmas. Thanks for the gifts, fun and fellowship, everyone!

Tune in later today or tomorrow for a surprise! I had new professional pictures taken!



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