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Reindeer Games!

I was in my first play today! I was a reindeer and mommy shot video.

I'm so excited for Christmas because I get to spend time with Grandma Cheryl, Uncle Jim, Aunt Lisa, cousins Luke and Emily, Mimi and Papa!

As expected, my mommy did not post a Thanksgiving entry and all the pictures that go with it. I guess her only option is to do two separate entries -- one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas, even if it ends up being Valentine's Day before it gets done. I'm very sorry to you all about that. However, in her defense, uploading pictures is not the easiest chore. She goes to great lengths to make sure the photos are properly edited, including adjusting the picture quality and resizing the photos as to not make my journal look funny. Then she has to send them to the web and type crazy html code in my entries to get the pictures to show up nice and neat -- centered with two spaces between them all, blah blah blah. To post videos takes quite a bit of time too, but mainly because of the amount of time it takes to upload videos, especially the long ones, to YouTube. THEN, on top of all of THAT, she has to compose the text to the entries, preferably mildly witty, and this whole process can take her hours. I'll admit I don't make it any easier for her when I stand at the door whimpering while she sits at her computer desk. This is why mommy has become the "pro" in "procrastinate."


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Dec. 23rd, 2008 08:50 pm (UTC)
I was told you were the best of all the reindeer today!
Dec. 24th, 2008 01:59 am (UTC)
oh, baby josh! if only you knew the lengths your mommy goes to!

i have pics and videos from 3 years ago i still need to post...
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