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Closing Halloween Before Thanksgiving!

It took mommy long enough, but I am finally ready to post my Halloween recap. I’m sorry for the delay; mommy’s sole motivating factor for getting these up now is Thanksgiving next week. I’m going to have a bunch of photos to sort through and post then and she certainly will never get it done if I’m still overdue on Halloween!!!??!!

I will begin with the Halloween Carnival at my daycare. During this event, the cafeteria and computer room is completely transformed into an orange and black array of decorations and activities. All of the teachers dress up in costumes and run a dozen booths containing carnival-like games of all kinds. You can participate in the cake walk, send a CPN employee underwater in the dunk tank room, or go through a haunted house, which, I did not investigate because I was scared enough walking through the main areas! Outside, you can buy lunch from a hot dog stand, which Grandma Cheryl, mommy and I did. Daddy was unfortunate enough to be the CPN employee assigned to the dunk tank while we relaxed and enjoyed our hot dogs. Mommy and I made sure we were the first to dunk poor daddy before we went outside, and we were given permission to manually push the target instead of wasting time throwing silly balls at it all day. The only bad part with that is you end up getting soaked from the big splash he creates when he falls in!

When we arrived at the carnival, mommy realized daddy did not take off my long-sleeve shirt and jeans prior to putting my fleece costume on me. The temperature was in the 80’s that day, so mommy caught this problem before we went in. This is the cause of the scene below -- a half-naked Franken-Toddler in the parking lot!

Mommy, daddy and I did not get to play many games while inside the carnival. As soon as I saw my teachers dressed up as wicked witches, I refused to walk on my own anymore, and mommy and daddy carried me the rest of the time until they tired out. I enjoyed the cake walk and I did walk on my own for a short time after my third go at it. This time, mommy won me a carrot cake! I did not like it at all.


On Halloween night, Logan was staying with us and we all went to Mimi and Papa’s to trick-or-treat! That was definitely a neat experience for me! All I had to do was sit back and relax in my wagon while someone pulled me up and down the street from house to house, and all of these different people would put candy in my bag! Sissy and mommy played around with camera poses along the way. Good times!

OK, people, can we go trick-or-treating now?

Sissy and I.

Spooky Sissy!

Can someone please give me candy? Gaw!

Mommy and Mimi dress alike.



Logan made a new friend and they sat and talked on a police car!


My Thanksgiving adventure is right around the corner, so keep checking for updates. Hopefully mommy will have it posted well before Christmas!


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Nov. 25th, 2008 02:10 pm (UTC)
I wish I could have taken pictures of you during the cake walk/walks! Everyone who passed you at the carnival remarked about how great you looked in your costume. You forgot to mention also that it was Grandma Cheryl who got water in her face when you dunked your dad. It was a fun, somewhat wet time. Looking forward now for Thanksgiving. Love you.
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